The Cottage: at Home

The Cottage: at Home

The Cottage: at Home

With budgets tight, many families are making the best of what they have. Instead of investing in a camp or vacation home, people are turning their own home into a summer vacation getaway.  Pools, hot tubs, gazebos, outdoor kitchens and lighting to take full advantage of outdoor living, right at home.

The short Summer season means rushing away to camp or to the lake on the weekends.  For many, this is just not enough to wait all week for the weekend.  They want more, more time outside, more time in the water, more time with family and friends.  This is why many families and homeowners are investing in their own backyards.

For many, a simple patio with shade or outdoor kitchen area to entertain make a great improvement to their landscapes that allow them to spend more time enjoying the season.  Others are trying to maximize their enjoyment in their yards.  They are investing in pools and hot tubs to get that water feel in the back yard.  These complete landscapes mean they can spend countless hours with family and friends and get the most out of the summer seasons.






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