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A design is the most important step in the completion a beautiful landscape.  During the initial consultation and using the natural attributes of the land, the clients ideas, and the designers professional input, a plan will emerge as a basic design.  From there the client will be given the opportunity to make any changes that they wish to include or remove from the initial design.  The designer will present an updated design with explanations to why certain aspects need to be amended or removed and possible changes for ideas that will not be able to be implemented.  Upon the completion to the third and usually final draft the design in ready to be implemented.

Included in the design could be a full scale planting list with appropriate size and spacing for each plant, shrub and tree.   The completed design is now in the hands of the client and they can choose whether they wish to complete the work themselves, hire a local contractor, or for optimal results retain the designer and use them to manage the construction of the project or as a consultant along the way to ensure the design is being implemented properly.