Outdoor Lighting

The Outdoor season is quickly approaching and after a winter like this, you are sure to want to spend as much time outside as possible.  A great way to extend your days outdoors is to include lighting into your landscape.  Nothing can be more relaxing than enjoying the evening lounging in your own backyard.  A well designed lighting plan will make your landscape come to life.  Properly placed lighting can make walkways more inviting, show off garden features and light up a secure place for you and your loved ones.  A well lit driveway gives your house a grand entrance.  As you approach your house up your driveway you want your lighting to guide you and welcome you home.  You want your visitors to feel invited and show them that you are proud of your house.  Not only is lighting a value added investment, it is a step up into a classier environment.  Give me a call and we can create a design that will bring your landscape to life under a different light!