A New Beginning

A landscape is representation of the natural beauty of our land.  Owning a house, cottage, rural or commercial property give you the opportunity to create a landscape that exemplifies our own visions and ideas.  Turning those ideas into reality is a very challenging process.  The end result is only realized with a solid design, and implementing a detailed plan to achieve your goal.

When you purchase your house or land to build you will want to think about the landscape and how the house will fit into the land.  Your Designer will show you how to best utilize the space you have to create the landscape you want within your desired budget.

A design professional will work with you along the way to bring your dream to reality.  Weather you wish to complete the work yourself or hire a contractor, your design professional will work with you along the way to ensure that your project is being constructed to the highest quality.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting
The Outdoor season is quickly approaching and after a winter like this, you are sure to want to spend as much time outside as possible.  A great way to extend your days outdoors is to include lighting into your landscape.  Nothing can be more relaxing than enjoying the evening lounging in your own backyard.  A well designed lighting plan will make your landscape come to life.  Properly placed lighting can make walkways more inviting, show off garden features and light up a secure place for you and your loved ones.  A well lit driveway gives your house a grand entrance.  As you approach your house up your driveway you want your lighting to guide you and welcome you home.  You want your visitors to feel invited and show them that you are proud of your house.  Not only is lighting a value added investment, it is a step up into a classier environment.  Give me a call and we can create a design that will bring your landscape to life under a different light!


The Cottage: at Home

The Cottage: at Home

The Cottage: at Home

With budgets tight, many families are making the best of what they have. Instead of investing in a camp or vacation home, people are turning their own home into a summer vacation getaway.  Pools, hot tubs, gazebos, outdoor kitchens and lighting to take full advantage of outdoor living, right at home.

The short Summer season means rushing away to camp or to the lake on the weekends.  For many, this is just not enough to wait all week for the weekend.  They want more, more time outside, more time in the water, more time with family and friends.  This is why many families and homeowners are investing in their own backyards.

For many, a simple patio with shade or outdoor kitchen area to entertain make a great improvement to their landscapes that allow them to spend more time enjoying the season.  Others are trying to maximize their enjoyment in their yards.  They are investing in pools and hot tubs to get that water feel in the back yard.  These complete landscapes mean they can spend countless hours with family and friends and get the most out of the summer seasons.






Call today and make your backyard your summer getaway!

Custom Items vs. Manufactured

Custom Items vs. Manufactured

Designing a landscape can be fun and challenging.  There are a ton of manufactured products out there to choose from.  When looking for ideas for your landscape you can get many ideas and products from your local suppliers and stone yards.  Trying to get exactly what you want could be very difficult.  That is why working with a landscape designer can help create custom items that will get you exactly what you are looking for.

Manufactured products will be a major form materials used but natural products and custom items will create a landscape that is truly unique. Customs items built from wood, concrete and stone will serve as points of interest and add value.  Custom items can be more expensive, but a well designed and implemented item will leave a lasting impression.


fire pit

custom fire pit



Call today to have your Custom Items installed into your landscape!